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Golden Peruvian Tours is a young and dynamic organization, with extensive, providing efficient, serious and trustable services; we can guarantee high quality attention with real personalised services and different touristic programs, congresses and events organization, incentive travels and luxury tourism.
We can tailor programs, looking to fulfil the expectations of our travellers, considering the principal meaning of the travel: Honeymoon, Singles Travel, Family Travel, Romantic Escapes, Honeymoon, Nature, Adventure, Wellness, and Luxury.
We base the success of our Company in the real personalization of our services, also providing fast answers and confirmations, competitive rates, constant follow up during the tours of our travellers, period evaluation of our providers and flexibility to handle any unexpected or complexes situations.
Our work team has young professionals, with passion to provide high quality service and show to the world the marvels of our country. Our commitment is to come true all the dreams of our travellers, that is why we pay attention to every single detail, creating enriching experiences throughout our beautiful Peru.


After many years working in a large Tour Operator, experiencing the little customization offered to their travelers due to the large amount they had,
Elizabeth (Head of Operations) and I (Sales Executive) began to talk about the idea that each one had about the type of services we would like to offer the travelers when visiting our wonderful country, we agreed that being close to the traveler was the best way to make them feel calm, safe, and thus make them really enjoy the trip as many travelers arrive with a certain fear of being in a faraway country, with a different language, etc.
That proximity is nothing other than the personalization of the service. As a result of these conversations and coincidences is that in 2013 we decided to form Golden Peruvian Tours, whose main objective is to offer innovative tourist programs, exceed the expectations of travelers and above all offer a real personalization of services.
Then we faced to a great challenge, to get travel agencies to trust their passengers in this new Boutique Tour Operator, this continues to be a challenge now, in that way we work really hard, ethically and professionally, complying at all times with everything offered and speaking always in a direct and sincere way, in addition to showing 98% satisfaction of our travelers throughout these years.
We invite you to join us and thus see why we are different.

City Tours

art and culture


luxury resorts


cool experience


Enrich our traveler`s lives seeking to exceed all their expectations, through our personalized and high quality service


Provide access to unforgettable experiences through a team that is passionate about showing their country in the best possible way and make all our travelers` dreams to come true.


Or Reputation
The best endorsement we have for our tours is the feedback we get from our satisfied travelers. Due to our consistently high quality of service and innovative programs, our partners have appointed us as their preferred operator worldwide.

Passion, Innovation and Experience
Our team is very passionate, and experienced in the travel industry, they have extensive knowledge about our destination and provide us an advantage to innovate creating the best experiences for our travelers. In this business that’s critical.

Quality, Service Excellence
Our objective of showing Peru and South America in the best way possible make us think in very single detail of our tours so everything can work perfectly, providing also an active personalization in order to make feel our travelers, we are taking care of them at all times.

Reliability, Efficiency and Safety
We have extended working time to help you with enquires, questions and 24/7 emergencies assistance, we are always happy to assist. Our vehicles are modern and safe. Our guide are very professional and knowledgeable, we fulfill all the safety procedures to keep a secure and healthy operation.
• Emergency assistance available 24 hours a day
• Rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure quality and safety of our vehicles
• Safety Procedures
• Vehicles & Equipment


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