• Trip Includes
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Our program includes:

  • 02 nights in Lima
  • 02 nights in Cusco
  • Meals detailed in the program
  • Entrances for the attractions detailed in the program
  • 01 bottle of water per person per day during the excursions
  • 01 bottle of water per person during the meals.
  • 01 Oxishot per person
  • Private Train Wagon Ollanta – Aguas Calientes – Ollanta
  • Private Bus Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes
  • Sherpas at airport and hotel
  • Souvenir per person (Emergency Kit)
  • 01 Group Photo in Machu Picchu (01 copy per person)
  • Staff in Lima in Cusco will use a T-shirt with the company logo
  • Personal Assistance.

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Day 1

… / Lima

Welcome to Peru Arrival to the international airport in Lima, where you will be picked up from a Golden Peruvian Tour representative, then you will be transferred to the selected hotel. Assistance with the Check In. Every transportation will have a big sign in front with the Company`s logo or the Group`s name. In the evening, we will welcome our Group introducing our culture with typical dances and the best of our gastronomy in the Dama Juana Restaurant
Overnight: Lima
Meals: Dinner show

Day 2


After breakfast, we will start the visit of the Lima. This excursion offers the best combination of the different attractions in Lima and its three historical periods: pre-Hispanic, colonial and contemporary. The Peruvian Viceroyalty was the most important one in the Spanish Empire and Lima was its capital. The highlights of its historical center are its architecture and the urban design of the city, found in the old streets filled with colonial houses adorned with Moorish-style balconies. Our trip includes the Paseo de la Republica (Promenade of the Republic), Plaza San Martin (San Martin Square) and the Plaza Mayor (Main Square), with their different buildings: Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace), Palacio Arzobispal the (Archbishop’s Palace), the Basilica Cathedral (Cathedral Basilica) and the Palacio Municipal (Municipal Palace). Visit the most traditional residential areas in the capital: The Olive Grove of San Isidro, Miraflores and Larco Mar, distinctive tourist center of contemporary Lima. We will continue our visit to the traditional and bohemian district of Barranco, where you can appreciate the famous “Puente de los Suspiros” (Bridge of the Sighs), then continue to el Salto del Fraile and the Pantanos de Villa, here with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. After this part of the tour, we will head to the Casa Hacienda Los Ficus, a place where the Peruvian Paso Horse Breeding if their main reason and dedication, here you will learn more about this special and different horse, and will also see may different aged horses, then also the costumes used by the Chalan (Peruvian Paso Horse Riders) Do not let finish the day without trying to ride this horse. We will return to the hotel to get ready for a special night visit. 18:15hrs we will depart to the Parque de la Reserva, a place where one of the most visited attractions is located, the Magical Circuit of Water, here you will be witness of amazing scenes of Colour, Music, Water, Light and Charm, prepare yourself to be surprised in this place, winner of a Guinness World Record as the biggest Ornamental Water Fountains Complex in the world. In order to finish this amazing day, we have prepared a special dinner, which main concept was to use a base of the best flavours of Peru in high-level dishes, everything complemented with an amazing view. La Huaca Pucllana Restaurant has a unique location, right next to La Huaca Pucllana. After this delicious dinner, we will return to the hotel.
Overnight: Lima
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Lima / Cusco

At determined time, transfer to the airport to board the national flight to Cusco. Arrival in the Imperial City of Cusco, at your arrival the Son of the Sun, the maximum leader of the Inca Empire will be waiting for you, here you could have the possibility for a group or individual pictures with the Inca.
Inside the buses and in every seat you will find an Emergency Kit, which will be very helpful during your stay in Cusco. It is an Inca Bag and inside it you can find a rainy poncho, a sunblock, a hat with extra protection to the neck, a bottle of water and our special souvenir, (a “Cholita” in case of a woman and a “Cholito” for a man) this bag has also a badge with details of your guide and people to contact in case you need anything during your time in Cusco. It will be also given an Oxishot per person (a personal Oxygen Bottle) Cusco is a very imposing city, its history lives in its streets, squares and towns; it is the example of the high-tech Inca engineering and mastery of the stone. From the airport, we will depart to the Sacred Valley, considered the best side to acclimatise to the altitude, as it is the lowest part in Cusco. On the way, we will have 02 stops:
Sacsayhuaman: it is one of the most impressive Inca constructions, according to new hypothesis; it was a very important Ceremonial Center and not a fortress. Its construction took over 7 decades and needed the force of 20000 men. Form the top of this archaeological site; you could have a panoramic view of Cusco. We will continue the road to Tambomachay. It was the favourite resort of the Inca, but at the same time was one of the pillars of the Valley of Cusco defence system. It consists of a set of structures finely carved stone aqueducts and waterfalls from springs and hot springs nearby (it is believed, it was related to the worship of water) it is also one of the pillars of the Andean Worldview, and considered one of the Shrines of the Antisuyo. Before arriving to our hotel in Urubamba, we will have the opportunity to learn more about the ancient traditions and customs living even today. This will be possible in a place offering a cultural experience surrounded by a natural and authentic environment: La Hacienda Sarapampa. We will, start our lunch with the Peruvian traditional cocktail, Pisco Sour, and some canapes, all together with an exhibitions of the Peruvian Paso Horse. Among the culinary customs of the locals, we have the preparation of Pachamanca, it exists since the time of the Inca Empire and is made by cooking meat previously seasoned with Andean ingredients and potatoes with the heat of preheated stones. All these ingredients are brought to the traditional oven, which is done through a hole in the ground, in which hot stones are placed, over them all the products, then cover it with leaves of marmaquilla and earth to start this cooking manner. The flavor that give to these products the hot earth and the seasonings is special. Upon our arrival, we will witness the unveiling of the Pachamanca, which will be our lunch today, in an environment of Andean party, accompanied by a musical trio. At the end of our lunch, we will live a real feast and celebration accompanied by beautiful music of the Peruvian folklore: Carnivalesque Yunza . The Yunza is an Andean celebration, which revolves around the tree, usually eucalyptus, which is artificially planted in the yard and is decorated with serpentine and laden with gifts in its branches. The mission is to derive the tree with a machete cuts or ax. Prior to the central activity, The Yunza, we will appreciate typical dances of the area with colored clothing and will be the dancers who invite you to join the celebrations, dancing around the tree and trying to bring him down. This festival is undoubtedly an integration event that all participants enjoy. At the end of the lunch, we will be transferred to our hotel to rest a bit and be prepared of the dinner. At prearranged time, we leave the hotel, heading to the Hacienda Huayoccari, which will open its doors to share with us a wealth of history, beauty and culinary tradition preserved through generations. Large rooms full of folk art lead to the Lambarri Orihuela museum, where you will find genuine art pieces of the Pre Inca, Inca and Colonial periods. In a highly exclusive environment and accompanied by baroque and classical music, you will taste dishes made with top quality products of the region, many of them grown in the Hacienda. Return to the hotel.
Overnight: Urubamba
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Cusco / Machu Picchu / Cusco

Early in the morning, we will leave the hotel to go to the train station in Ollanta and take the Vistadome Service to Aguas Calientes. The Vistadome service has ample wagons with panoramic Windows, offering scenic views during the ride and giving the opportunity to take amazing photos, once we arrive in Aguas Calientes, our guide will be waiting for us and will help you to take the buses to the citadel of Machu Picchu, and this last ride in bus will take approximately 25 minutes. It is very important to bring your passports for the visit to Machu Picchu, so before entering, you can seal it, and have a demonstration that you have visited one of the 07 world wonders. The guide visit wil, take around of 02 hours, visiting the Main Plaza, the Circular Tower, the sacred sun dial (the most important preserved Intihuatana), the Royal Quarters, the Temple of the Three Windows and various burial grounds. We will look for the best location to have our group photo with Machu Picchu behind us. Buffet Lunch at the Belmond Macchu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, this restaurant is located right close to the entrance to Machu Picchu and is the only hotel in this place. Return to Aguas Calientes to take the train back to the Ollanta Train Station, transfer to Cusco, arrival to the hotel and time to prepare yourself to the dinner. Transfer to the Pre-Columbian Museum, where we will have our Gala Dinner, it begins with a glass of Champagne and 03 different sort of Canapes. The entrance to the museum will be decorated with a red carpet and candles, it will head to the main yard where the fountain will be also decorated with flowers as the tables, and the yards will be lighted with candles. The entire environment will be accompanied with a Group of Jazz, the perfect combination to this sophisticated farewell dinner. The dinner includes an appetizer, entrance, Main Dish, Dessert, a cold drink (Water or Soda) a hot drink (Tea or Coffee) a Glass of Wine. As part of the finish, we will appreciate the Andean Gods Show, which is a story of a town forgetting their traditions and costumes, in order to resolve that problem, a girl, in the name of the town call the 05 Gods: Inti, Illapa, Pachamama, Killa and Ekeko, she trusts that will help the town, at the end all together celebrate to have their traditions and costumes back. All the participants will receive a program to understand the story. Return to the hotel.
Overnight: Cusco
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5

Cusco / ...

During the morning, we will head to the airport to board our flight back home. On the way, we will visit some archaeological and religious attractions:
The Cathedral.- Colonial Religious Monument, with a great historic value.
Koricancha.- The Inca temple of the sun, The Santo Domingo church was built in the 17th century on the walls of the Koricancha Temple of the Sun.
Overnight: -
Meals: Breakfast